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Events.Abstract class

Abstract class for an event.


export declare abstract class Abstract 


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)() Constructs a new instance of the Abstract class


Property Modifiers Type Description
group string

An ID for the group of events this block is associated with.

Groups define events that should be treated as an single action from the user's perspective, and should be undone together.

isBlank abstract boolean Whether or not the event was constructed without necessary parameters (to be populated by fromJson).
isUiEvent boolean Whether or not the event is a UI event.
recordUndo boolean Whether this event is undoable or not.
type string Type of this event.
workspaceId? string (Optional) The workspace identifier for this event.


Method Modifiers Description
isNull() Does this event record any change of state?
run(_forward) Run an event.
toJson() Encode the event as JSON.