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Events.BlockFieldIntermediateChange class

Notifies listeners when the value of a block's field has changed but the change is not yet complete, and is expected to be followed by a block change event.


export declare class BlockFieldIntermediateChange extends BlockBase 

Extends: BlockBase


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(opt_block, opt_name, opt_oldValue, opt_newValue) Constructs a new instance of the BlockFieldIntermediateChange class


Property Modifiers Type Description
name? string (Optional) The name of the field that changed.
newValue unknown The new value of the element.
oldValue unknown The original value of the element.
recordUndo boolean
type string


Method Modifiers Description
isNull() Does this event record any change of state?
run(forward) Run a change event.
toJson() Encode the event as JSON.