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Events.MarkerMove class

Notifies listeners that a marker (used for keyboard navigation) has moved.


export declare class MarkerMove extends UiBase 

Extends: UiBase


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(opt_block, isCursor, opt_oldNode, opt_newNode) Constructs a new instance of the MarkerMove class


Property Modifiers Type Description
blockId? string (Optional) The ID of the block the marker is now on, if any.
isCursor? boolean (Optional) True if this is a cursor event, false otherwise. For information about cursors vs markers see
newNode? ASTNode (Optional) The new node the marker is now on.
oldNode? ASTNode (Optional) The old node the marker used to be on, if any.
type string


Method Modifiers Description
toJson() Encode the event as JSON.