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FieldColour class

Class for a colour input field.


export declare class FieldColour extends Field<string> 

Extends: Field<string>


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(value, validator, config) Constructs a new instance of the FieldColour class


Property Modifiers Type Description
COLOURS static string[] An array of colour strings for the palette. Copied from goog.ui.ColorPicker.SIMPLE_GRID_COLORS All colour pickers use this unless overridden with setColours.
COLUMNS static number Number of columns in the palette. All colour pickers use this unless overridden with setColumns.
CURSOR string Mouse cursor style when over the hotspot that initiates the editor.
isDirty_ protected boolean Used to tell if the field needs to be rendered the next time the block is rendered. Colour fields are statically sized, and only need to be rendered at initialization.
SERIALIZABLE boolean Serializable fields are saved by the serializer, non-serializable fields are not. Editable fields should also be serializable.
TITLES static string[] An array of tooltip strings for the palette. If not the same length as COLOURS, the colour's hex code will be used for any missing titles. All colour pickers use this unless overridden with setColours.


Method Modifiers Description
applyColour() Updates text field to match the colour/style of the block.
configure_(config) protected Configure the field based on the given map of options.
doClassValidation_(newValue) protected Ensure that the input value is a valid colour.

Returns the height and width of the field.

This should *in general* be the only place render_ gets called from.

getText() Get the text for this field. Used when the block is collapsed.
initView() Create the block UI for this colour field.
isFullBlockField() protected
render_() protected Updates the colour of the block to reflect whether this is a full block field or not.
setColours(colours, titles) Set a custom colour grid for this field.
setColumns(columns) Set a custom grid size for this field.
showEditor_() protected Create and show the colour field's editor.
updateSize_(margin) protected Updates the size of the field based on whether it is a full block field or not.