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Procedures namespace


Class Description


Function Description
allProcedures(root) Find all user-created procedure definitions in a workspace.
findLegalName(name, block) Ensure two identically-named procedures don't exist. Take the proposed procedure name, and return a legal name i.e. one that is not empty and doesn't collide with other procedures.
flyoutCategory(workspace) Construct the blocks required by the flyout for the procedure category.
getCallers(name, workspace) Find all the callers of a named procedure.
getDefinition(name, workspace) Find the definition block for the named procedure.
isNameUsed(name, workspace, opt_exclude) Return if the given name is already a procedure name.
isProcedureBlock(block) A type guard which checks if the given block is a procedure block.
mutateCallers(defBlock) When a procedure definition changes its parameters, find and edit all its callers.
rename(this, name) Rename a procedure. Called by the editable field.


Interface Description
IParameterModel A data model for a procedure.
IProcedureBlock The interface for a block which models a procedure.
IProcedureModel A data model for a procedure.


Variable Description
CATEGORY_NAME String for use in the "custom" attribute of a category in toolbox XML. This string indicates that the category should be dynamically populated with procedure blocks. See also Blockly.Variables.CATEGORY_NAME and Blockly.VariablesDynamic.CATEGORY_NAME.
DEFAULT_ARG The default argument for a procedures_mutatorarg block.

Type Aliases

Type Alias Description
ProcedureTuple Legacy means of representing a procedure signature. The elements are respectively: name, parameter names, and whether it has a return value.