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registry.register() function

Registers a class based on a type and name.


export declare function register<T>(type: string | Type<T>, name: string, registryItem: (new (...p1: any[]) => T) | null | any, opt_allowOverrides?: boolean): void;


Parameter Type Description
type string | Type<T> The type of the plugin. (e.g. Field, Renderer)
name string The plugin's name. (Ex. field_angle, geras)
registryItem (new (...p1: any[]) => T) | null | any The class or object to register.
opt_allowOverrides boolean (Optional) True to prevent an error when overriding an already registered item.




{Error} if the type or name is empty, a name with the given type has already been registered, or if the given class or object is not valid for its type.