blockly > utils > extensions > registerMutator

utils.extensions.registerMutator() function

Registers a new extension function that adds a mutator to the block. At register time this performs some basic sanity checks on the mutator. The wrapper may also add a mutator dialog to the block, if both compose and decompose are defined on the mixin.


export declare function registerMutator(name: string, mixinObj: any, opt_helperFn?: () => any, opt_blockList?: string[]): void;


Parameter Type Description
name string The name of this mutator extension.
mixinObj any The values to mix in.
opt_helperFn () => any (Optional) An optional function to apply after mixing in the object.
opt_blockList string[] (Optional) A list of blocks to appear in the flyout of the mutator dialog.




{Error} if the mutation is invalid or can't be applied to the block.