blockly > ZoomControls

ZoomControls class

Class for a zoom controls.


export declare class ZoomControls implements IPositionable 

Implements: IPositionable


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(workspace) Constructs a new instance of the ZoomControls class


Property Modifiers Type Description
id string The unique ID for this component that is used to register with the ComponentManager.


Method Modifiers Description
createDom() Create the zoom controls.
dispose() Disposes of this zoom controls. Unlink from all DOM elements to prevent memory leaks.
getBoundingRectangle() Returns the bounding rectangle of the UI element in pixel units relative to the Blockly injection div.
init() Initializes the zoom controls.
position(metrics, savedPositions) Positions the zoom controls. It is positioned in the opposite corner to the corner the categories/toolbox starts at.