Concepts overview

Each Calendar user is associated with a primary calendar and a number of other calendars that they can also access. Users can create events and invite other users, as shown in the following diagram:

Simple model of calendars and events

This example shows two users, Susan A and Wei X. Each has a primary calendar and several other associated calendars. The example also shows two events: an end-of-year presentation and a team offsite.

Here are some facts shown in the diagram:

  • Susan's calendar list includes her primary calendar as well as calendars for her team and cello lessons.

  • Wei's calendar list includes his primary calendar as well as the team calendar, a status tracking calendar, and Susan's primary calendar.

  • The end-of-year presentation event shows Susan as the organizer and Wei as an attendee.

  • The team off-site in Hawaii event has the team calendar as an organizer (meaning it was created in that calendar) and copied to Susan and Wei as attendees.

These concepts: calendars, events, attendees, and others are all explained further in the other sections of this guide: