iOS 13 Permission Changes

With iOS 13, Apple has introduced stricter permissions requirements which impact apps using the Google Cast SDK.

Starting with Google Cast SDK v4.4.3, an additional SDK is available without guest mode support that does not require the Bluetooth® permission. This is available both on the developer site and on the new google-cast-sdk-no-bluetooth Cocoapod. As a reminder, the guest mode feature is the ability for the sender app to be able to detect cast devices within a certain physical proximity without being on the same network, using a PIN displayed on guest mode-enabled devices.

To prepare your app for iOS 13 you will need to decide if you:

Need to keep guest mode support

  • Must add the Privacy - Bluetooth Always Usage Description key.
  • Add a string to explain the Bluetooth® usage for your users to your Info.plist.

Need to remove guest mode support

  • Prevents your app from requiring Cast Bluetooth® requirements.
  • Integrate the latest version of the Google Cast SDK with no Bluetooth® support.
  • This is available both on the developer site and on the new google-cast-sdk-no-bluetooth Cocoapod.

Near future considerations

Some system-level APIs that involve how we discover devices will be changing behaviors in iOS 13. We'll be updating the Google Cast SDK to work better with the new behaviors.

We strongly recommend that you update to ensure an optimal experience on iOS 13.

App breakdown

Here is a breakdown depending on the version of the iOS SDK you are currently using:

Apps built with the iOS 12 SDK or earlier

  • Action Recommended. Device discovery performance may decrease when running on iOS 13, but will still be functional. We highly recommend developers upgrade to Cast SDK v4.4.4 when available.
  • iOS 13 will prompt users to grant Bluetooth® permissions to the app.

Apps built with the iOS 13 SDK

  • Action Required: Update to Cast SDK 4.4.4 or the cast button may not appear if the user does not grant location permission. Upgrading to Cast SDK 4.4.4 is necessary to ensure a reliable casting experience on iOS 13.
  • Please refer to developer documentation for more information on how to integrate guest mode, or opt-out of guest mode with Google Cast SDK and no Bluetooth® support.