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Learn how Developer Student Clubs have successfully built their communities and engaged members to learn and share best practices with one another.

Akshay’s story

He shares that DSC can lead to internships, jobs, and the chance to connect with the local tech community.

Mahika’s story

One group in her club is working on Dost-e-Kisan, an app for farmers that makes use of the weather forecast for optimal use of water.

Christy’s story

Hear about Christy's DSC, his journey to I/O and the application he and his team built for a local shop owner.

Vijay’s story

He will take what he learned back to his group to improve their app, Unipool, which helps students organize carpools to get to university safely.

Tanvi’s story

One group in her club created a suggestion app for the faculty and students. Her experience at Google I/O 2018 will help them improve the app and continue to solve problems for their community.

Summit videos

DSC SSA Summit 2018

DSC India Summit 2018

DSC Indonesia Summit 2018