Using Google Apps to eliminate communication bugs

November 2017

Admiral Pest Control

"Google Apps has helped us better communicate as a team and with our customers at a price that fits our family business."

Jeff Jones, Vice President, Admiral Pest Control

What they wanted to do

Admiral Pest Control is a fourth generation family-owned business. The company was started by Jeff's grandfather in 1947, and with every generation there has been new ideas on how to run it more efficiently. They handle everything from termite inspections to pigeon control for residences and businesses throughout the Long Beach area. With a team of 40 people, they're big enough to accommodate the needs of their clients, but small enough to have a personal relationship with them too.

For many years, they had a Microsoft Exchange server. When it came time to upgrade, since the price was costly and they experienced frequent outages, they realized it was time for a change.

How they did it

They decided to switch to Google Apps for Business which offers a more reliable and cost-effective way for their employees to communicate from their desks or the field.

The staff spends a lot of time at customer locations and can now easily check their email and schedules from their mobile phones. They can see where their next customer visit is or whether there has been a cancellation without making a trip back to the office.

They've also improved communication with customers by embedding a Google Form on their website where customers can fill in their contact information and describe the problem they're experiencing. Incoming inquiries are centralized in a single spreadsheet that gets updated in real time.

Did it work?

“Yes, we’re able to better manage requests, reply quicker, and our customers appreciate that we made it so easy to contact us,” said Vice President Jeff Jones.

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