Purchase Flow

The Google Domains widget provides a simple, clean domain purchase experience. This experience starts on your site, with the widget embedded in your page. Upon clicking the “buy” button, customers will be presented with a Google Domains search window in a lightbox over your site. The search field can be populated with a default search term, such as the name of a customer’s business:

Image 1

Customers may perform multiple searches to find the perfect domain name. Once a customer finds a name s/he wants to purchase, s/he can click a “buy” button to proceed to the purchase flow. For security reasons, this flow takes place on the Google Domains site. If the customer is not logged into Google, s/he will be required to do so. If the customer is logged into multiple user accounts, s/he will be asked to choose which account s/he would like to associate with the domain.

Image 2

The customer will then be shown dialogs to collect required information:

Image 3

Once this information has been collected, the customer will be asked for payment information:

Image 4

After successfully obtaining payment information, the domain will be registered:

Image 5

Once domain registration has finished, the customer is returned to your website:

Image 6