Giving made easier

The Donation API enables developers to easily add support for nonprofit donations in their products.

Taking what we’ve learned about donors’ preferences from our efforts and the One Today app, the API has been designed to help you engage and grow your user base while making an impact on causes you care about.

The Donation API can integrate with existing purchase flows in your application like shopping carts and in-game purchases, or it can be used in free apps without a payment mechanism. This means you don’t need to worry about integrating directly with individual nonprofits or adding donation support on your backend, and can instead focus on the user experience.


  • Supported on Android, iOS, and Web
  • Allows you to donate to 1.1M US nonprofits
  • For a limited time, Google will cover processing and disbursement fees. 100% of the donations raised within your app will go to the nonprofit you choose.