This version (v1) of the Drive Activity API is now deprecated and is scheduled for sunset in December 2019. Apps should migrate to version v2 of the API.

Google Drive Activity API

API Overview

The Activity API consists of the Activity resource, which represents changes made to objects within a user's Google Drive, and the list method, which allows you to retrieve information about those changes.

Whether the Drive Activity API can see a given change to an object depends on whether the change, or information about the change, is visible to the user authenticated in your application. This visibility is based on the permissions set for that object.

The Activity resource represents a change as an Event, of which there are two types: a combinedEvent object, and a singleEvents list.

A singleEvents list contains all of the individual changes that are required to complete the change initiated by a user. For example, if a user creates a file in Google Drive, this action may include events related to changing permissions, edits to the content, or other events as part of the file-creation process—all of which are captured in the singleEvents list. A combinedEvent represents the net change, or end result of the events in a singleEvents list by capturing the common set of fields shared by all items in a singleEvents or fields that are otherwise related. This can include file-creation events, or more complex actions such as when a user moves multiple files in a single operation, or makes multiple edits to a file within a short span of time.

Getting Started

To get the most out of the Drive Activity API, integrate your app with the Google Drive API first.

To get started with the Drive Activity API, learn how to create a project, setup a client library, and authorize requests. Or, dive right in and read about events in the API reference.