Publish your Drive app

Once you've created your Drive app, you can publish it for others to use. This guide shows you how to publish your app.

Drive apps can be published in the G Suite Marketplace. Publishing to the G Suite Marketplace lets domain administrators install G Suite Marketplace apps on the behalf of their users. Individual users can find and install Drive apps in the G Suite Marketplace or by selecting New > add Connect new apps in the Drive UI.

When you publish your app, you are asked to register the file types that the app can open. When a user views a file in Drive or opens a Gmail attachment, your application is listed as a suggested app if the file type is one you have registered.

Suggested applications from Gmail

In cases where the user has not installed a valid viewer for a file, and the Google Drive viewer can’t render the file, Drive displays a link to a list of published apps that can open that file type (if any). This list of suggested apps can be a powerful mechanism for introducing your app to potential users.

To make your app available to others, you must follow a publishing process that creates a listing for your app, registers the file types it can open, and adds the listing to the marketplace. You should only start the publishing process once your app is fully functional and you're ready to let users know about it.

Before you begin

Before you begin the publishing process, it's important to understand your publishing options.


Drive app visibility describes who is able to find and install your app from the G Suite Marketplace.

  • Public visibility indicates that anyone can install the app.
  • My domain visibility means only admins or users in your domain can install the app.


When you collaborate with others in developing an app, make sure no single account owns all the application code and its corresponding Cloud Platform project. By granting ownership of the Cloud Platform project to multiple members or a Google Group, you help ensure the project can continue even if one of the owners leaves your organization.

Make sure your group also has similar access to your app's application code. If you are storing application code or files in Google Drive, consider using a shared drive so that the files are not owned by specific individuals.

Required assets

Before you can publish your Drive app, you must provide certain assets—text, images, and URLs—that Google uses to build the store listing for your app and define its appearance and behavior in the Google Drive UI. Use the following checklist to ensure you have everything you need to publish:

  1. Assemble all the required G Suite Marketplace listing assets.
  2. Assemble all the assets required to configure the Drive UI integration.

Publish to the G Suite Marketplace

The G Suite Marketplace publication documentation provides detailed instructions on how to publish apps. In summary, do the following to publish your Drive app to the Marketplace:

  1. If you have not already, enable Google Drive API for your Drive app.
  2. Configure the app's Drive UI integration using the assets you assembled.
  3. Enable G Suite Marketplace SDK.
  4. Configure the Marketplace SDK and publish, using the assets you assembled to construct the Marketplace listing.