Known Issues

July 27 2018

  • The MODIS Aqua Net Evapotranspiration 8-Day L4 Global 500m (MYD16A2) Version 6 has been made unavailable earlier due to systematic errors in the dataset. The MYD16A2 dataset has been reprocessed by LPDAAC and will be reingested into Earth Engine soon.


The Sentinel 3 EFR OLCI product has the following known issues. There is work underway to address them but due to a bug with pixel geocoding there is no current ETA.

  • The angle bands OAA, OZA, SAA and SZA are not currently included.

  • Per-pixel geocoding is not being used in favor of the included less accurate tie point grids. This may result in ±500m error in some regions compared to the basemap.

  • Polar assets have a global footprint which causes them to be returned for all spatial queries.


  • We have a backlog of about 250K uningested assets, and are exploring downloads from mirror sites.

July 11 2017

  • Due to the transition to Landsat Collection 1, the USGS has stopped producing pre-collection data in May 2017. As a result, the old Landsat and Landsat Surface Reflectance image collections in Earth Engine can no longer be updated with new imagery. To avoid disruption to existing workflows, all users must switch to the new Landsat collections. See the Landsat Collections page for more info.