Anna Migas

Anna Migas

Web Technologies

Cracow, Poland


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Anna works as a Front-end Developer and Designer at Lunar Logic, the no-management software house based in Kraków, Poland. She graduated from Jagiellonian University with a degree in Human-Computer Interaction (Elektroniczne Przetwarzanie Informacji). She knew next to nothing about Computer Science before starting her studies--her first choice of faculty was English Studies but she was 2 points short to get in. Luckily, it turned out that coding is her true love and there was no way she would go back to her initial idea of translating books.

Anna is always trying to find ways to make people fall in love with coding and has a long history of organizing coding workshops for WebMuses and Rails Girls in Kraków. She is fond of public speaking, so you can hear her presenting about Open Source, web performance and animations. In her spare time, she enjoys skateboarding (on a surfskate), travelling and playing the newest Zelda game.