Bianca Ximenes

Bianca Ximenes

Product Strategy

Recife, Brazil


  • Product Strategy


Bianca is extremely curious and likes understanding how things works.

She holds a degree in Economics, and has worked in banks, back-office and budgetary control in Greenfield projects. She gave it all up because her days were bleak - she had studied Economics to understand what makes people tick, what motivated and incentivized them and a pivot was in order.

She got an MSc in Computer Science, studying Innovation Management and Agile Projects. Her thesis gave her the opportunity to work in management positions in projects concerning mobile development, virtual and augmented reality, human-robot interaction, intelligent agents, and UX. She has published international papers and received an award for works in Behavioral Economics, Human-Robot Interaction, Design Thinking in UX, and Innovation and Project Management.

She got involved in the effervescent Recife startup community, co-founded GDG Recife and helped create Mind the Bizz, a formation program for startups funded by the government. She has mentored over 30 startups throughout the years, and helped them solidify the business side of their ideas with models and metrics.

Bianca is now a Doctoral Student, a CSM, and has a newfound love for customer, people and business operations. She loves talking about strategy, valuation, human languages and robot-human coexistence.