Dana Cohen Baron

Dana Cohen Baron

User Research, Interaction Design, Sprint Master

Kfar Saba, Israel


  • User Research
  • Interaction Design
  • Sprint Master


Dana has been a UXer for 15 years, and working as an independent consultant for the past five years. Her passion is crafting products that people love.

Over the years, she's helped all kinds of businesses – including local, international and startups firms – create products that meet their users' needs

She splits her time between designing super-complex systems for pros, and lightweights apps for consumers. She firmly believes this versatility is one of her key strengths.

Dana is an experienced mentor too, and has guided many startups and entrepreneurs on strategy, UX and product. She also enjoys speaking at local tech events.

With a keen eye for integrating tech, business goals and user needs, Dana also knows how to get into peoples' minds, understand their motivations and pains, and turn them into meaningful requirements that create delightful

And while Dana thinks about the strategy, she's always super-focused on execution. She embraces constraints and works creatively around them – and believes in lightweight processes, iterations and constant feedback loops.

In the past, Dana managed a number of UX teams at SAP On Demand Solutions. She was born in Argentina, and moved to Israel at the age of 13. Today, she lives in Kfar Saba, with her husband, three boys and a cat. When time allows, she plays beach volleyball and loves experimenting with cooking.

Dana is a proud geek who loves her job. And she has red hair!