David McKelvie

David McKelvie


Wellington, New Zealand


  • IoT


When Dave was 5 he thought his grown up job would be to draw cars. As he aged that expanded to aeroplanes and boats, then to chairs and lamps, then toasters and kettles. By the time he was 8 he knew that some strange things made him happy, like the satisfying click of a new pen, but he didn't know why the shape of some things was not right. By the time he was 13 He continued to draw things, things that existed in the world and things that he'd like to see in the world. He studied art, but that didn't work out so, at 21, he travelled a bit, then studied electronics. At 34 he had worked in all parts of the product lifecycle from inception, design, development, and production to commissioning, in-life maintenance to decommissioning and disposal.

Today Dave continues to believe that good design makes you happy, but that a product cannot stand on design alone, it must solve a real problem that actual people have.