Emilia Maj

Emilia Maj

Interaction Design, Sprint Master

Krakow, Poland


  • Interaction Design
  • Sprint Master


Emilia is Google certified Sprint Masters.

Emilia specialises in service design, user experience and visual design. Today as a product manager she's responsible for driving software product from inception through execution by collaborating closely with designers and engineers to ensure that products amaze and delight end-users.She's a designer with artistic background and a passion to technology, that day-to-day (previously at Applicake and Base CRM, currently at Pilot) helps clients from around the world to create functional and visually attractive applications. Constantly looking for UI diversities in different cultures, mostly by working together with international teams or exploring diverse tech scenes.Emilia is deeply committed member of the IT community and strongly supporting people who want to follow similar career path. She has been coming up with initiatives to bring diverse communities into technology sector by various programmes: teaching women to code – WebMuses, Rails Girls, bringing African society into global technology – AfricaHackTrip) or teach kids to understand computer science – Children's University.