Lukáš Fryč

Lukáš Fryč

Web Technologies, Angular

Brno, Czech Republic


  • Web Technologies
  • Angular


Lukáš is an Angular Developer based in Czech Republic & Slovakia and studied Information Technology on Masaryk University in Brno.

He is a strong believer in testability, type-safety, declarative UIs (spanning to pre-Angular days) and open-source - all that drove him naturally to Angular and TypeScript in their early days.

Lukáš is a passionate speaker, speaking regularly in Central Europe region about news in Angular, testing, migration and architecture. As a trainer he also enjoys preparing and leading workshops.

Currently Lukáš holds a technical lead position where he got a chance to mentor a team of talented frontend engineers.

Together with his peers, Lukáš kicked off Angular community (ngBeer) in Bratislava and Brno.