Nik Page

Nik Page

User Research, Sprint Master

Prague, Czech Republic


  • User Research
  • Sprint Master


Nik has worked in UI testing and design since UIs were distributed on floppies and CDs. He has been part of their evolution from before the days of a public internet, in San Francisco. Nik has worked for start-ups and global corporations where he always pushed for better user experience focussed design.

During his 25+ years in the field he has come to the position that designing experience is primarily about emotion, understanding motivations and may have little or even nothing to do with UI. A mantra of his, "The interface is not the experience". He promotes this heresy to corporate CEO and startups alike.

He is also mad about top management understanding why they "Do UX". He peddles notions about companies seeing themselves as Experience Providers and taking up UX at a strategic level. CXO should become a common C-Level position.

Currently he promotes experience design & strategy as one of the keys to business success. He can be contacted via his site UX Strategy: