Panayotis Tzinis

Panayotis Tzinis

Product Strategy, Sprint Master

Thessaloniki, Greece


  • Product Strategy
  • Sprint Master


Panayotis is the lead of the X-Lab for Moonshot Lab. He coordinates all the creative+tech activities of the Lab and focuses on implementing radical solutions using existing advanced technology. Sometimes he focuses on prototyping with the aims of testing new technologies, or mixing existing technologies into create new ways for global impact improvements. He is thirsty of users’ feedback and ways to improve their engagement and loyalty throughout prototyping new products, tools adapting and adopting new technologies.

Panayotis started the GDG in Greece and low leads the GDG in Thessaloniki and coordinates the GDG in Heraklion. During those years he shared Google’s products, tools and technologies throughout events and meetups, that sometimes had a peak of +1000 attendees. He is a member of the special GDG Solve for X team in Greece, aiming at analyzing challenges and suggesting solutions with either the usage of technology or reinventing it. His activities and initiatives lie in this simple paragraph: “Something good, doesn’t imply it is perfect”