Rachel Nabors

Rachel Nabors

Web Technologies

Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • Web Technologies


Rachel has been crazy about web animation since she gave her first talk on making music videos with CSS animations and HTML5 audio, and she's been traveling the world, giving talks and training sessions on the topic and writing about her findings ever since.

As the field of web animation expands and fragments, the need for leadership and community has grown, too. To that end, she tries to help browser vendors and specification authors understand the needs of motion designers coming into web development from the animation and app development industries as an invited Expert at the W3C. She also curates Web Animation Weekly and founded the Animation at Work Slack.

Web animation faces a lot of challenges right now: it sits squarely at the intersection of web development, UX, and design. If these three groups are siloed or have communication problems, they can't produce consistent, meaningful UI animation. Moreover, tooling is often inadequate for visual designers and developers to ideate and communicate fluidly, and many devices still struggle with rendering animations performantly.

But there are solutions. She's out here looking for them and talking with the people taking on these problems every day. And she works with companies big and small to find the solutions that work for them.