Rafael Figueroa

Rafael Figueroa

Machine Learning

Florianópolis, Brazil


  • Machine Learning


I am a passionate healthcare researcher with expertise on Machine Learning and IoT.

My background is in Economics where I worked with applied math and Time Series Forecast in Banks for 5 years. After that 7 years with non profits, Drones and Photogrammetry mapping deforestation in rainforests. Also trees and cattle aerial detection with computer vision to pay the bills ;)

Founder and CEO of the startup Telemedicine Portal. Platform that helps millions of lives with online diagnostics by medical specialists, offering access to neurologists and cardiologists to Brazil and Africa.

We do telemetry from clinics and hospitals on hundreds of cities. Exams like EKG, EEG, Xray, MRI, are received by specialist doctors in São Paulo, that make the diagnostics online.

I work directly with the team to develop models in Tensorflow for automatic prediction of pathologies. These models are deployed on clusters at GCP and used in production doing triage and computer aided diagnostic for thousands of patients per day.

Monthly I deliver lectures, training and mentorships for startups, enterprises, churches and schools that want to leverage Machine Learning.

I'm an active mentor of the Google Launchpad and four other accelerators.

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