Randy Gupta

Randy Gupta

Google Cloud Platform

Dusseldorf, Germany


  • Google Cloud Platform


Randy is expert in software development with a professional experience of over 20 years as entrepreneur, developer and consultant. His architecture and code is in service at several multinational corporations and serving services for millions of users every day.

Randy discovered his passion for computer science in the early 80ies when he started coding BASIC on the legendary C64, followed by assembler on the AMIGA. Later he became a proud owner of Compaq DeskPro 286 with a 16-bit Intel' 80286 processor with 12-MHz clock speed.

In the following years, Randy has worked on many platforms like OS/2, NeXTStep and Windows. However his favorite team became Linux and Java.

With the raise of docker it has been only a small step to kubernetes.

Nowadays his main focus is on microservices architecture and development. With performance and scalability in mind his favorite platform is kubernetes on the Google Cloud Platform.

Based in Düsseldorf, Randy is also organizer of the GDG Düsseldorf and GDG Cloud Düsseldorf.