Silvia Pfeiffer

Silvia Pfeiffer

Web Technologies

Sydney, Australia


  • Web Technologies


Dr Silvia Pfeiffer is the CEO of Coviu, a cloud application that enables healthcare providers to set up video consultation services for patients and to collaborate on patient cases with peers.

Silvia has more than 20 years of experience with Web video technology. She has previously worked for Google, Mozilla, NICTA, and CSIRO and has been a co-editor on several specifications at the W3C that define Web video standards and accessibility. She has also authored two textbooks on HTML5 video.

Silvia regularly run the FOMS - Foundations of open Media Software and Standards workshop for software developers which brings together video developers from Web browsers and Web apps and open source tools to analyse the state of play and improve the world of online video.

Silvia has a double degree in computer science and business management and a PhD in Computer Science. She is a unique combination of researcher, software engineer, standards author and technology founder with Coviu being her second startup.