Vadim Markovtsev

Vadim Markovtsev

Machine Learning

Madrid, Spain


  • Machine Learning


Vadim is a Lead Machine Learning Engineer at source{d} ( where he works on deep neural networks that aim to understand all of the world’s developers through their code. He is currently learning how to manage a team of engineers and finds it difficult, but fun.

Vadim is one of the creators of the historical distributed deep learning platform Veles ( while working at Samsung. Afterwards, Vadim was responsible for the machine learning efforts to fight email spam at Mail.Ru - the largest email service in Russia. In the past, Vadim was also a visiting associate professor at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, teaching about new technologies and conducting ACM-like internal coding competitions.

Vadim is a big fan of GitHub (vmarkovtsev) and HackerRank (markhor), as well as he likes to write technical articles on a number of websites, including You’ll find his speaker portfolio at