Xihan Li

Xihan Li

Machine Learning

Beijing, China


  • Machine Learning


Xihan Li is a M.S. Candidate majoring in Machine Intelligence at Peking University, also a research intern in Machine Learning group of Microsoft Research Asia. He is passionate about the foreland fields of artificial intelligence including data mining, deep learning, machine learning and network analysis.

Currently, his core research area is network mining, focusing on network embedding and reinforcement learning on network. He is familiar with TensorFlow and has implemented a wide range of models using TensorFlow on GitHub, including network embedding, memory augmented neural network, reinforcement learning, deep generative models and so on. He also spoke on several developer conferences, such as Google I/O 2017 Extended Beijing and Google DevFest 2017 Beijing, to share his works. Besides, he is experienced in mathematical modeling, with Outstanding Winner in 2015 Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling and several other awards.

He has a wide pursuit of knowledge on AI related disciplines, such as biology (with a minor course certificate in Biological Science), psychology and math. He believes that the combination between computer science and other disciplines will be essential for the future development of artificial intelligence.