Yorai Gabriel

Yorai Gabriel

Product Strategy, Sprint Master

Tel Aviv, Israel


  • Product Strategy
  • Sprint Master


Yorai is a serial disrupteneur and innovation geek, with years' of hands-on experience in the design, development and utilization of innovative business products.

He's a co-founder of POW ThinkBAND©™ – a unique consultancy group which manages and operates thinking processes in both large and small businesses during early stages of business product definitions. POW ThinkBAND allows managers to become organizational thought leaders via rapid thinking processes that encourage creativity and bring about interdisciplinary cohesion and consistency.

POW ThinkBAND has been mentoring in the Google Launchpad program since its early days, helping startups think and play together like great bands do.

Since 2012, Yorai has been Head of Programs and co-founder of Do-Be and BABA – acceleration programs for design projects and design based ventures. He helps designers become founders by creating not only extraordinary products and services, but also economic and sustainable businesses.

Yorai has also co-founded several technology startups, and designed business products in a variety of fields ranging from homeland security, CAD and gaming, to collaboration platforms, medical devices, management consulting and construction. In addition, he's led product strategy and design activities from inception to scale, and managed innovation endeavors with special attention to business-product-market fit.

At the moment, Yorai is co-founder and VP Products of RidarTech – re-imagining documentation and reporting for construction projects.

Yorai gives talks about innovation management, strategic creativity, business design and design oriented entrepreneurship. And he helps organizations and business leaders understand how creativity, innovation, ideas and concepts are informed by particular contexts.

Yorai speaks English, Hebrew...and metaphorically.