The Google Forms API is currently in Restricted Beta. To use the API, apply for access at the Early Adopter Program page.

Google Forms API Early Adopter Program

To use the Google Forms API prior to General Availability, your Google Cloud project must be allowlisted. To request that your project be allowlisted, complete the Early Adopter Program application (below).

The API is currently in Restricted Beta. The current application outlines the terms of access and limitations on publicly launching any integrations prior to Open Beta. We anticipate promoting the API to Open Beta in Q4 2021, with GA following in 2022. Starting with the Open Beta, you will be able to make your integrations public.

Completion of the application doesn't guarantee enrollment in the program, but if you're approved for Early Adopter Access, you'll be able to start developing integrations using the Forms API. We'll also send you important updates about the Open Beta and improvements to the API as development progresses.