Google Play Instant for game developers

Google Play Instant is now available for all game developers. Players can just tap a link to play, instead of having to download and install your game first. Google Play Instant experiences are available on the Google Play Store, on the Google Play Games app, or wherever game links are shared.


Build augmented reality experiences into your game. ARCore enables phones to understand their environment and interact with the world around them.

Build real-world games with Google Maps APIs

Access a rich, accurate, and living model of the world to form the foundation of your game world. With access to over 100 million 3D buildings, roads, landmarks, and parks from over 200 countries, you can deliver rich, engaging gameplay across the globe.

Platforms for your games


Android game development — Engage with 2 billion potential players!
Android NDK — Build games at native speeds in C++.

Google VR

The easiest way to make and distribute VR games.


HTML5 Game Development — Games one click away in your browser.
threejs.js — The fastest way to get started in Chrome WebGL.

Google Cloud services for gaming

Build cloud-integrated games for mobile and web platforms, including Android, iOS, Chrome OS, and Facebook.

Android TV

High-performance gaming in leanback mode.


Games that know where you are and what's around you.


Games that can engage an entire room.


Backend services and analytics for mobile games on iOS and Android.

Acquire users and engage

Reach billions of Android users on Google Play

Put your apps in front of Android's huge base of active customers in more than 190 countries and territories across the world.

Play Games Services

Achievements, leaderboards, cloud saved games, real-time multiplayer, and more on Android and iOS.

Google Play Console

Manage your game's store listing and APKs, and get useful stats about your player base.

Drive mobile app installs

Create campaigns geared specifically toward getting more people to download your app.

Monetize and measure

Google AdMob

The largest mobile ads platform used by more than 650,000 apps. Monetize and measure your iOS and Android games.

Google Play In-app Subscriptions

Sell content, services, or features in your app with automated, recurring billing.

Google Analytics

Understand and measure what your users do inside of your game — a key to engaging and monetizing users in the long run.

Google Play In-app Billing

Let your players pay quickly and easily on their Android devices.

Ad interstitials

Present rich full-screen experiences at natural app transition points.

Essential tools to build your games

Open-source libraries and samples

Breadboard — Node-based scripting system for driving game behavior
CORGI — A reusable, component-oriented entity library for games
FlatBuffers — Fast and memory-efficient serialization
FlatUI — Fast, lightweight, immediate-mode GUI system
FPLBase — Base-layer handling input, asset-loading, and OpenGL context creation
fplutil — Command-line tools for Android C++ automated builds
LiquidFun — A fluid particle physics engine based on Box2D
MathFu — Reliable C++ libraries for common math operations
Motive — Fast, low-memory, procedural and hierarchical animations
Pindrop — Cross-platform C++ audio library
Scene Lab — World-editor with full integration with CORGI entities
Google VR — Build VR games for Android with a Java SDK or C++ NDK library

LiquidFun Paint — Paint app demonstrating LiquidFun
Pie Noon — A cross-platform C++ sample game which supports Android, Android TV, Windows, OS X and Linux
VoltAir — A game sample demonstrating LiquidFun and QtQuick
Zooshi — A cross-platform C++ sample game, targeting Google Cardboard, and supporting Android, Android TV, Windows, OS X and Linux builds

Unity plugins

Play Games Plugin — Use Play Games Services in Android and iOS
Google Analytics Plugin — Easily implement Analytics in Unity
Google Mobile Ads Plugin — Mobile ads in native Android or iOS apps
Google VR SDK for Unity — Create VR experiences for Android and iOS
ARCore SDK for Unity — Create AR experiences that seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds
Cast Remote Display Plugin — Render games directly to a TV screen with Google Cast
Firebase Unity Plugin — Use Firebase features in Unity


Android app quality guidelines

All Android apps should meet these criteria.

Android TV quality guidelines

Make your app successful on Android TV with these tips and guidelines.

Play Games Services best practices

Focus on key aspects of quality, feature set, and UI that can have significant impact on your game's success.