Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1)
Class Service.Versions

  extended by
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public static class Service.Versions
extends java.lang.Object

The Versions class defines Version constants representing the set of active versions of the GData core protocol and common data model classes.

Field Summary
static Version V1
          Version 1.
static Version V2
          Version 2.
static Version V2_1
          Version 2.1.
static Version V2_2
          Version 2.2.
static Version V3
          Version 3.
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Field Detail


public static final Version V1
Version 1. GData core protocol released in May 2006 and is still in use by version 1 of some GData services.


public static final Version V2
Version 2. GData core protocol release that brings full alignment with the now standard Atom Publishing Protocol specification and migrates to OpenSearch 1.1.


public static final Version V2_1
Version 2.1. Support new gd:kind attribute on feeds and entries.


public static final Version V2_2
Version 2.2. Unreleased next minor version of the GData protocol.


public static final Version V3
Version 3. Unreleased next major version of the GData protocol that will default to structured error messages.