Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1)
Class FeatureQuery

  extended by
      extended by

public class FeatureQuery
extends Query

Describes a query for the feed of map features.

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Query.CategoryFilter, Query.CustomParameter, Query.ResultFormat
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Constructor Summary
FeatureQuery( feedUrl)
          Constructs a new query object that targets a feed.
Method Summary
 java.lang.Boolean getShowDeleted()
          Returns the should tombstones be returned.
 void setShowDeleted(java.lang.Boolean showDeleted)
          Sets the should tombstones be returned.
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addCategoryFilter, addCustomParameter, appendQueryParameter, getAuthor, getCategoryFilters, getCustomParameters, getCustomParameters, getFeedUrl, getFields, getFullTextQuery, getIntegerCustomParameter, getMaxResults, getPublishedMax, getPublishedMin, getQueryUri, getResultFormat, getStartIndex, getStringCustomParameter, getUpdatedMax, getUpdatedMin, getUrl, isStrict, isValidState, setAuthor, setFields, setFullTextQuery, setIntegerCustomParameter, setMaxResults, setPublishedMax, setPublishedMin, setResultFormat, setStartIndex, setStrict, setStringCustomParameter, setUpdatedMax, setUpdatedMin
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Constructor Detail


public FeatureQuery( feedUrl)
Constructs a new query object that targets a feed. The initial state of the query contains no parameters, meaning all entries in the feed would be returned if the query was executed immediately after construction.

feedUrl - the URL of the feed against which queries will be executed.
Method Detail


public java.lang.Boolean getShowDeleted()
Returns the should tombstones be returned.

should tombstones be returned or null to indicate that the parameter is not set.


public void setShowDeleted(java.lang.Boolean showDeleted)
Sets the should tombstones be returned.

showDeleted - should tombstones be returned or null to remove this parameter if set.