Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1)


Class Summary
AbPageVariationEntry Entry element for abpagevariation feed.
AbPageVariationFeed Feed element in AbPageVariationFeed.
AccountEntry Entry element for account feed.
AccountFeed Feed element in account feed.
Aggregates Describes an aggregates.
AnalyticsNamespace Namespace definitions related to Google Analytics Data Export API.
CombinationEntry Entry element for combination feed.
CombinationFeed Feed element in CombinationFeed.
CustomVariable Data about a user-defined custom variable.
CustomVariable.Scope Scope.
DataEntry Entry element for data feed.
DataFeed Feed element in data feed.
DataSource Describes a data source.
Definition Describes a definition.
Destination Destination-URL goal.
Destination.MatchType The match type for the path expression.
Dimension Dimension value.
EndDate Last day for which to retrieve data.
Engagement Engagement goal.
Engagement.Comparison Engagement goal's comparison operation.
Engagement.Type Goal's threshold type.
ExperimentEntry Entry element for experiment feed.
ExperimentFeed Feed element in ExperimentFeed.
Goal Google Analytics goal.
GwoAbPageVariationId A/B experiment page variation ID.
GwoAnalyticsAccountId Analytics account ID.
GwoAutoPruneMode Auto prune mode.
GwoComboActive Combination active state.
GwoComboId Combination ID.
GwoComboString Combination section/variation info.
GwoControlScript Control script for experiment.
GwoConversionScript Conversion script for experiment.
GwoCoverage Experiment coverage.
GwoExperimentId Experiment ID.
GwoExperimentNotes Experiment notes.
GwoExperimentType Experiment type.
GwoLink Extends the base Link class with GWO extensions.
GwoLink.Rel Link relation type.
GwoNumAbPageVariations Number of page variations in an A/B experiment.
GwoNumCombinations Number of combinations in an experiment.
GwoNumSections Number of sections in a multivariate experiment.
GwoNumVariations Number of variations in a section.
GwoSectionBeginScript Script to mark the beginning of a section.
GwoSectionEndScript Script to mark the end of a section.
GwoSectionId Section ID.
GwoSourceExperimentId Source experiment ID.
GwoStatus Current experiment status.
GwoTrackingScript Tracking script for experiment.
GwoVariationId Variation ID.
GwoVerificationCombo Verification combo.
GwoVerificationComboCoverage Verification combo coverage.
Metric Metric value.
Metric.Type The format of data represented by the metric.
Property Generic account-level property.
SectionEntry Entry element for section feed.
SectionFeed Feed element in SectionFeed.
Segment Describes a segment.
StartDate First day for which to retrieve data.
Step Single step in a multistep goal.
TableId Identifier to be used in ids query string parameter.
TableName Describes a table name.
VariationEntry Entry element for variation feed.
VariationFeed Feed element in VariationFeed.

Enum Summary
GwoAutoPruneMode.Value Value.
GwoExperimentType.Value Value.
GwoStatus.Value Value.