Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1)


Class Summary
BasePersonEntry<E extends BasePersonEntry> Describes a person entry.
BillingInformation Contact's billing information.
Birthday Contact's birth date.
CalendarLink Contact related calendar link.
ContactEntry Describes a contact entry.
ContactFeed Describes a contact feed.
ContactGroupEntry Describes a contact group entry.
ContactGroupFeed Describes a contact group feed.
ContactLink Extends the base Link class with contact extensions.
ContactLink.Rel Link relation type.
ContactLink.Type MIME type of link target.
ContactsNamespace GData namespace definitions related to Google Contacts.
DirectoryServer Contact's directory server.
Event Contact's events.
Event.Rel Event type.
ExternalId Contact's external id field.
ExternalId.Rel Id type.
Gender Contact's gender.
GroupMembershipInfo Denotes contact's group membership.
Hobby Contact's hobby.
Initials Contact's initials.
Jot Contact's jot.
Language Contact's language field.
MaidenName Contact's maiden name.
Mileage Contact's mileage.
Nickname Contact's nickname.
Occupation Contact's hobby.
Priority Contact's priority.
ProfileEntry Describes a profile entry.
ProfileFeed Describes a profile feed.
Relation Contact's relation.
Sensitivity Contact's sensitivity.
ShortName Contact's short name.
Subject Contact's subject.
SystemGroup Element that if present marks that a group is a system one.
UserDefinedField Contact's user defined field.
Website Contact related website.

Enum Summary
CalendarLink.Rel Known calendar link type.
Gender.Value Gender.
Jot.Rel Jot type.
Priority.Rel Priority category.
Relation.Rel Relation type.
Sensitivity.Rel Sensitivity type.
Website.Rel Known website type.