Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1)


Class Summary
Album Name of the album.
AlbumArt URL for the album art.
AlbumArtist Artists for the album.
Artist Principal artist for the track.
AudioEntry An entry representing a single audio file with a DocumentListFeed.
Composer Composer of the track.
DocsNamespace Namespace definitions related to Google Documents List Data API.
DocumentEntry An entry representing a single document within a DocumentListFeed.
DocumentExportEntry Describes an entry representing a request to bulk export documents from a user.
DocumentExportFeed Describes a feed for a list of export requests.
DocumentExportRequestor An additional user who may retrive the exported documents.
DocumentListAclFeedLink Represents a FeedLink referring to an AclFeed.
DocumentListEntry An entry representing a single document of any type within a DocumentListFeed.
DocumentListFeed A feed for managing lists of documents from the Google Docs & Spreadsheets.
DocumentListLink Describes a document list link.
DocumentListLink.Rel Link relation type.
DocumentListLink.Type MIME type of link target.
DocumentListRevisionFeedLink Represents a FeedLink referring to a RevisionFeed.
Duration Duration of an audio track in milliseconds.
ExportDocId A documents list API Document ID to export.
ExportFormat A map of possible export formats.
ExportStatus The status of export requests.
Feature A rate limited or restricted feature.
FeatureName Name of a feature.
FeatureRate Rate of access to a feature as qps.
FileEntry An entry representing a single file within a DocumentListFeed.
FolderEntry An entry representing a folder in a FolderFeed.
Genre Genre of the audio.
ImportFormat A map of possible import formats.
MaxUploadSize Maximum upload file size.
MetadataEntry Describes a Metadata entry.
MetadataFeed Describes an Metadata feed.
ObjectNumber The number of object match the search query.
PdfEntry An entry representing a single PDF within a DocumentListFeed.
PresentationEntry An entry representing a single presentation within a DocumentListFeed.
Publish Whether the document is published.
PublishAuto Whether changes are automatically re-published.
PublishLink Describes a publish link.
PublishLink.Rel Link relation type.
PublishOutsideDomain Whether the document is published outside of its domain.
QueryParameter The query that doclist will use.
QuotaBytesUsedInTrash The amount of quota consumed by objects in trash.
RevisionEntry Defines an entry in a feed of revisions of a document.
RevisionFeed A feed for accessing different revisions of a doclist document.
Size Size of the content.
SpreadsheetEntry An entry representing a single spreadsheet within a DocumentListFeed.
Track Number of the track on this album.
ViewedCategory Describes a viewed category.
ViewedCategory.Label Human-readable label.
ViewedCategory.Scheme Scheme (domain).
ViewedCategory.Term Term.
WritersCanInvite Allows editors to invite others.
Year Year of release.

Enum Summary
DocumentListEntry.MediaType Represents the MIME types supported by the doclist GData feed
ExportFormat.Source Export source document type.
ExportStatus.Value Value.
ImportFormat.Target Import target document type.
QueryParameter.Type Type.