Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1)


Class Summary
BaseHealthEntry<E extends BaseHealthEntry> Describes a health entry.
BaseHealthFeed<F extends BaseHealthFeed,E extends BaseHealthEntry> Describes a health feed.
ContinuityOfCareRecord Describes a ccr record.
HealthCategory Describes a health category.
HealthCategory.Scheme Scheme (domain).
HealthLink Extends the base Link class with Health extensions.
HealthLink.Rel Link relation type.
HealthNamespace GData namespace definitions related to Health.
ProfileEntry Describes a profile entry.
ProfileFeed Describes a profile feed.
ProfileMetaData Describes profile's meta data.
RegisterEntry Describes a register entry.
RegisterFeed Describes a register feed.

Enum Summary
HealthNamespace.CategoryScheme Google Health recognizes the enumerated Category Schemes for GData Category queries.