Using Installed Add-ons

Gmail add-ons that you have installed automatically appear in the Gmail user interface when you open a message. Gmail represents each add-on by a small icon, as specified by the logoUrl field in the add-on's manifest.

Clicking an add-on icon opens the add-on interface. Clicking the icon again hides the interface. The first time you open an add-on, Gmail asks you to authorize it. After authorizing, you can begin to interact with the add-on's interface.

On desktop

Add-on location

On desktop, the add-on icons appear as a vertical column to the right of the open email thread, under the settings menu. The name of the add-on appears if you hover over its icon.

On mobile

Mobile add-on location

On mobile, the add-on icons appear as a horizontal row at the bottom of the currently open message. Clicking an icon opens that interface at the bottom of the message.


Gmail Add-ons
Gmail Add-ons