Expanded Text Ads

  • Starting June 30, 2022, you'll no longer be able to create or edit expanded text ads.
  • Expanded text ads will continue to serve, and you'll still see reports on their performance going forward.
  • You'll be able to pause and resume your expanded text ads, or remove them if needed.
  • We strongly encourage you to transition to responsive search ads.
  • Learn more about this change to expanded text ads.

Use expanded text ads to promote products or services on the Google Network. This ad format supports:

  • Multiple headlines

    This ad type has three headline fields concatenated together with a vertical bar (|) separator. The first two headlines are required, while the third is optional.

  • More characters

    Each headline has a 30-character limit, an increase from that for standard text ads. Languages with double-width characters such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, are allowed 15 characters.

  • Expanded description

    There are two description lines with an expanded limit of 90 characters. Truncation and ellipsification have been minimized to make ad display more predictable.

  • URL customization

    Instead of inputting a display URL for your ad, the URL is calculated from the final URL domain and path fields (path1 and path2), that indicate to a user where they will be directed on a click. Final URL and tracking URL behavior remain the same.

Here's an example ad for Interplanetary Cruises in the Google Ads UI, after being uploaded with the Google Ads API.

For the expanded text ad illustrated above, the ad properties can be mapped to individual fields in ExpandedTextAdInfo with Google Ads API, as shown in the following table:

Field Value
headline_part1 Cruise to Mars #12QjNuTP
headline_part2 Best Space Cruise Line
headline_part3 Discount ends soon
description Buy your tickets now!
description2 Limited number
final_urls ["https://www.example.com/0"]
path1 all-inclusive
path2 deals

Ad variations

Ad variations allow you to easily create and test variations of your ads across multiple campaigns or your entire account. Creating and managing ad variations is currently not supported in Google Ads API, but you can identify the experimental ads created by the ad variations feature using one of the following methods.


The ad_group_ad.ad.type in reports for expanded text ads is EXPANDED_TEXT_AD. To make it easier to retrieve data related to expanded text ads in reports, the following fields can be selected along with ad_group_ad:

Code examples

You can view a complete code sample at the link below.