Part 3 - Import the Google Ads Client Library

In this part we'll show how to import the Google Ads client library and initialize a Google Ads client so that it can make requests to the API.

Part 3.1 - Insert necessary import statements

To import the Google Ads client into the script, add this statement to the top of the file:

3.1.0: Import the Google Ads API Client Library
# imports the Google Ads client from the google-ads package
from import GoogleAdsClient

Part 3.2 - Define your client customer ID as a global variable

Where appropriate depending on the language you're using, add the client customer ID of the test account you're using as a global variable in the script:

3.2.0: Insert your Client Customer ID
# Set your test CID
_CUSTOMER_ID = "1234567890"

Part 3.3 - Initialize a Google Ads client

As with the AdWords API client library, we'll initialize a Google Ads API client using credentials stored in the local configuration file. Add the highlighted line below to the bottom of the script:

3.3.0: Initialize a Google Ads API Client
if __name__ == "__main__":
    # Initialize the client object.
    # By default, it will read the config file from the Home Directory.
    adwords_client = adwords.AdWordsClient.LoadFromStorage()
    # Add the googleads_client here alongside the adwords_client
    googleads_client = GoogleAdsClient.load_from_storage()
    budget_id = _create_campaign_budget(adwords_client)
    campaign_id = _create_campaign(adwords_client, budget_id)
    ad_group_id = _create_ad_group(adwords_client, campaign_id)
    _create_text_ads(adwords_client, ad_group_id)
    _create_keywords(adwords_client, ad_group_id, KEYWORDS_TO_ADD)