Google Ads API is returning to beta status. Please read our blog post for more details.

Migrating AdWords Services to Google Ads Services

The Google Ads API shares most of the same functionality as the AdWords API, however a small number of services have changed. Some have been deprecated, some have been split into multiple new services, and some have been consolidated into a single new service.

To help in your migration to the Google Ads API, below is a comprehensive list of all of the AdWords services and their Google Ads API equivalent.

Mapping AdWords API Services to Google Ads API Services
AccountLabelService LabelService

Account-level labels are now just referred to as Labels.

AdCustomizerFeedService FeedService CustomerFeedService CampaignFeedService AdGroupFeedService FeedMappingService
AdGroupAdService AdGroupAdService

AdGroupAdService is used to create and mutate AdGroupAds and to create Ads in the Google Ads API.

AdGroupBidModifierService AdGroupBidModifierService
AdGroupCriterionService AdGroupCriterionService
AdGroupExtensionSettingService AdGroupExtensionSettingService
AdGroupFeedService AdGroupFeedService
AdGroupService AdGroupService
AdParamService AdParameterService
AdService AdService
AdwordsUserListService UserListService
AssetService AssetService
BatchJobService MutateJobService
BiddingStrategyService BiddingStrategyService
BudgetOrderService AccountBudgetProposalService

The services that now make up billing allow for both payments setup and account budget creation.

BudgetService CampaignBudgetService
CampaignBidModifierService CampaignBidModifierService
CampaignCriterionService CampaignCriterionService
CampaignExtensionSettingService CampaignExtensionSettingService
CampaignFeedService CampaignFeedService
CampaignGroupPerformanceTargetService DEPRECATED
CampaignGroupService DEPRECATED
CampaignService CampaignService
CampaignSharedSetService CampaignSharedSetService
ConstantDataService GoogleAdsService

The mapping from ConstantDataService method return type to Google Ads API type is as follows:

  • getAgeRangeCriterion -> AgeRangeTypeEnum
  • getCarrierCriterion -> CarrierConstant
  • getGenderCriterion -> GenderTypeEnum
  • getLanguageCriterion -> LanguageConstant
  • getMobileAppCategoryCriterion -> MobileAppCategoryConstant
  • getMobileDeviceCriterion -> MobileDeviceConstant
  • getOperatingSystemVersionCriterion -> OperatingSystemVersionConstant
  • getProductBiddingCategoryData -> ProductBiddingCategoryConstant
  • getUserInterestCriterion -> UserInterest
  • getVerticalCriterion -> TopicConstant

Use to retrieve any of these resources, with the exception of age ranges and genders, which are now represented as AgeRangeTypeEnum and GenderTypeEnum, respectively.

ConversionTrackerService ConversionActionService

In the AdWords API, both conversion actions and remarketing actions were available via the ConversionTrackerService, with remarketing actions represented as immutable AdWordsConversionTracker objects with status=HIDDEN and category=REMARKETING.

In the Google Ads API, remarketing actions are a separate resource type that's managed via the RemarketingActionService.

CustomAffinityService CustomInterestService

To get custom interest data query the custom_interest resource using Search.

CustomerExtensionSettingService CustomerExtensionSettingService
CustomerFeedService CustomerFeedService
CustomerNegativeCriterionService CustomerNegativeCriterionService
CustomerService CustomerService
CustomerSyncService ChangeStatusService

See this guide on Change Status Service.

DataService AdGroupCriterionSimulationService
DraftAsyncErrorService CampaignDraftService

Use the CampaignDraftService.ListCampaignDraftAsyncErrors method.

DraftService CampaignDraftService
FeedItemService FeedItemService
FeedItemTargetService FeedItemTargetService
FeedMappingService FeedMappingService
FeedService FeedService
LabelService AdGroupAdLabelService

Retrieving Labels is done through the LabelService, however mutations are done via entirely new services instead of methods on resource-specific services. For example, In the AdWords API, mutating a campaign label was done with the CampaignService.mutatelabel method, but in the Google Ads API it's done with the CampaignLabelService. All of the #mutatelabel methods have been moved to new services as follows:

  • AdGroupAdService#mutatelabel -> AdGroupAdLabelService
  • AdGroupCriterionService#mutatelabel -> AdGroupCriterionLabelService
  • AdGroupService#mutatelabel -> AdGroupLabelService
  • CampaignService#mutatelabel -> CampaignLabelService
  • ManagedCustomerService#mutatelabel -> CustomerLabelService

Note that to mutate Account Labels you should use the LabelService in Google Ads.

LocationCriterionService GeoTargetConstantService
ManagedCustomerService CustomerClientLinkService

To mutate customer-client links use the CustomerClientLinkService. To get customer clients use CustomerClientService. To mutate customer-manager links use the CustomerManagerLinkService.

MediaService MediaFileService
OfflineCallConversionFeedService ConversionUploadService

To upload offline call conversions use the UploadCallConversions method on the ConversionUploadService.

OfflineConversionAdjustmentFeedService ConversionAdjustmentUploadService
OfflineConversionFeedService ConversionUploadService

To upload offline click conversions use the UploadClickConversions method.

OfflineDataUploadService ConversionUploadService
ReportDefinitionService GoogleAdsFieldService

Instead of retrieving report fields, GoogleAdsFieldService will show you all of the resources, resource's fields, segmentation keys and metrics available in the interface.

SharedCriterionService SharedCriterionService
SharedSetService SharedSetService
TargetingIdeaService KeywordPlanIdeaService

Business Category and Seed Ad Group have been removed.

TrafficEstimatorService KeywordPlanAdGroupService

Use these services to create a keyword plan entity with ad groups, criteria, etc. and the entire plan can be priced.

TrialAsyncErrorService CampaignExperimentService

Use the CampaignExperimentService.ListCampaignExperimentAsyncErrors method.

TrialService CampaignExperimentService
Reports GoogleAdsService

Reporting is now part of the unified query model implemented through Search, part of GoogleAdsService. You can see how all Reporting fields are mapped with this guide.