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Representation of a userlist that is generated by a rule.




The status of pre-population. The field is default to NONE if not set which means the previous users will not be considered. If set to REQUESTED, past site visitors or app users who match the list definition will be included in the list (works on the Display Network only). This will only add past users from within the last 30 days, depending on the list's membership duration and the date when the remarketing tag is added. The status will be updated to FINISHED once request is processed, or FAILED if the request fails.

Union field


rule_based_user_list. Subtypes of rule based user lists. rule_based_user_list can be only one of the following:



User lists defined by combining two rules. There are two operators: AND, where the left and right operands have to be true; AND_NOT where left operand is true but right operand is false.



Visitors of a page during specific dates. The visiting periods are defined as follows: Between start_date (inclusive) and end_date (inclusive); Before end_date (exclusive) with start_date = 2000-01-01; After start_date (exclusive) with end_date = 2037-12-30.



Visitors of a page. The page visit is defined by one boolean rule expression.