Editor add-ons

Editor add-ons extend the G Suite editor applications: Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Forms. These applications create and edit files that reside in Google Drive. Add-ons that extend these applications have some special rules involving sharing and authorization; see the Add-on authorization guide for more details.

Published editor add-ons are added to the Chrome Web Store; those listings are imported to the editors' Add-ons > Get add-ons... dialog so that users can find them quickly. In addition, you can publish editor add-ons to the G Suite Marketplace so that domain administrators can find and install them on behalf of their users.

Editor specifics

Each editor add-on type (Sheets add-ons, Docs add-ons, etc.) has its own set of type-specific capabilities, restrictions, and special considerations. When building editor add-ons, it's important to understand these editor-specific details.

In addition, the files created and updated in each editor have specific structures. For example, Google Slides presentations are composed of pages which can be slides, masters, or layouts. You should understand these file structures as well, as add-ons often interact with them.

For more details on specific editor add-on types, see the corresponding sections: