Warning: The IMA SDK for Cast SDK v2 has been officially deprecated, as of November 17th, 2021. All existing users are urged to migrate to CAF native Ad Breaks.

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IMA SDKs make it easy to integrate multimedia ads into your websites and apps. IMA SDKs can request ads from any VAST-compliant ad server and manage ad playback in your apps. With IMA client-side SDKs, you maintain control of content video playback, while the SDK handles ad playback. Ads play in a separate video player positioned on top of the app's content video player.

Sender and receiver apps

In order to integrate the IMA SDK to your Cast app, you need to build a sender app and a receiver app:

  • To learn how to build a sender app, see the guides for Android or iOS.
  • To learn how to build a receiver app, which handles communication between the sender app and the receiver device, see the HTML Receiver App guide.

Additional resources