Data Access, Ranking, and Termination

Data Access

Overview of Reserve with Google data access

We collect information from our users when users submit reservation requests via Google. The information we collect may include contact and other transaction details. Our Privacy Policy provides more detail on the information we collect, why we collect it, and how users can update, manage, export, and delete user information. For purposes of fulfilling a user order or other user requests, we may share such information with the partner, to be used in accordance with the privacy policy. Usage metrics may also be shared with the partner and their merchants for the respective integrations.

We also collect data from our partners to enable their merchant services on Reserve with Google. The information we collect includes merchant and service listings and descriptions, availability, location, pricing, and other information relevant to the service. We may use this information to improve Google products and services.


How provider ranking works

Reserve with Google strives to create the easiest way to make appointments or reservations online and ensure a great end-to-end experience for users. Google works with reservation providers to achieve this goal.

When multiple restaurant reservation providers offer the same services for a given merchant, we present all partners to the users at the time of the booking, allowing users to select which reservations provider they prefer. The ordering of the partners is arbitrary. However, for other appointment services outside of restaurant reservations, only services from the first partner who sends us a matched merchant with appointment availability will be shown to users.

In order to avoid duplication of services offered via Reserve with Google, specifically between End-to-End integrations and Places Actions integrations, Reserve with Google will remove some duplicative Place Actions links if End-to-End integrations from the same partners already exist. Some exceptions may apply to specific partners due to technical reasons.

How providers referral ranking works

Reserve with Google refers eligible Business Profile merchants to sign up with Reserve with Google partners when appropriate. The list of partners shown to each merchant may be limited to a subset that fit on screen and are randomized. Merchants can select an expanded view to see the full list of partners.

Grounds for termination

We will restrict, suspend, or (where a policy is violated) terminate a partner due to errors. Such errors may include high technical error rates, failing health checks, high booking server error rate, high latency, and poor data quality.

Partners can also be suspended from the platform if they are not adhering to a policy or have a significant number of merchants/services violating a policy. In such instances, we may disable the entire integration instead of on a service by service or merchant by merchant basis.