In light of COVID-19, please review the latest announcement regarding the Reserve with Google guidelines for supporting users and merchants during this time. Additionally, since we are operating with a limited support team, it may take longer to connect with us. Thank you for your patience, and we value your partnership.

User specification

UserInformation Definition

// Personal information about the person taking action (e.g. making a
// booking, an order, or creates a parking session).
message UserInformation {

  // Unique ID of the user to the partner, chosen by Reserve with Google.
  // (required)
  string user_id = 1;

  // Given name of the user (maximum 40 characters) (required)
  string given_name = 2;

  // Family name of the user (maximum 40 characters) (required)
  string family_name = 3;

  // Address of the user (optional)
  PostalAddress address = 4;

  // Phone number of the user (required)
  // Consistent with the international definition in ITU-T E.123 recommendation.
  // However, local conventions are also followed, such as using '-' instead of
  // a space as separator. For example, a phone number in the US can be
  // written as '+1 415-736-0000'
  string telephone = 5;

  // Email address of the user (required except for waitlists)
  string email = 6;

  // User's language code, in IETF BCP 47 format. It is sent only if a partner
  // is allowed to use this feature. Please contact Reserve with Google team
  // to be added to the allowlist and receive this code. (optional)
  string language_code = 7;

  reserved 8;

PostalAddress Definition

// The postal address for a merchant.
message PostalAddress {
  // The country, e.g. "US". (required)
  string country = 1;
  // The locality/city, e.g. "Mountain View". (required)
  string locality = 2;
  // The region/state/province, e.g. "CA". This field is only required in
  // countries where region is commonly a part of the address. (optional)
  string region = 3;
  // The postal code, e.g. "94043". (required)
  string postal_code = 4;
  // The street address, e.g. "1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy". (required)
  string street_address = 5;