End-to-end integration overview

Reserve with Google empowers users to see, transact, schedule, or change bookings and orders with Google. These guides are intended to help you complete your integration with Reserve with Google. Read the sections below for a brief overview and a list of our criteria. All partners must abide by the policies outlined.

How it works

After you complete your end-to-end integration, users can navigate to the Reserve with Google booking flow via a merchant business listing on Search or Maps. After users book the appointment, they will receive a Reserve with Google confirmation email. Note, you may send a separate email to users. Please follow the Marketing and email policy if you choose to do so.

Merchant and service eligibility

For details on eligibility requirements, supported services, and unsupported services, see Merchant and service eligibility. Some criteria is industry-specific.

Not every merchant fits our criteria. For details on why some merchants might be blocked from Reserve with Google, see Access criteria.

Special features

Launch process

The diagram below outlines the process to launch your merchants on Reserve with Google.

Figure 1: High level integration steps
Figure 1: High level integration steps

The diagram below illustrates the major data flows between you and Google.

Figure 2: Integration data flow diagram
Figure 2: Integration data flow diagram

The Partner Portal offers most of the information, tools, and resources partners need for onboarding. After you use the Partner Portal to create your Google Cloud project and enable Sandbox API calls for it, you can test your integration in that sandbox environment.


Please check out the Best Practices page for more information on the integration.

If you have issues or questions about this content, be sure to check out our support resources.

Become a Reserve with Google partner

To integrate with Reserve with Google, you will first need to become a Reserve with Google partner. Please express interest in a potential partnership by filling out the interest form.